Hans & Co Oil and Gas Ltd
The Oil & Gas Industry Changers

Established in the early parts of 2017, Hans & Co. Oil and Gas Ltd, a fully inigenous Ghanaian company, is gradually carving a niche for itself as the go-to Oil & Gas service provider in Ghana.

The Oil & Gas Classics

With a fast paced and often dynamic industry environment, we have strived to provide tailor made solutions for our clients in both the upstream and downstream oil sectors.

Our use of ultra modern technology and a highly skilled and efficient team has enabled us climb the ladder in local content provision across the length and breadth of the country, specifically with oilfield services.

Our Objective

To consolidate the efforts of our clients in the oil industry and provide a turn key service for those who come to us by tapping into our extensive Global network of expertise which allows flexibility in our operations and the confidence from our clients in our ability to deliver on our given mandate.


The team comprises of industry experts with high level technical qualifications and backgrounds which gives us a firm grasp on affairs in the sector at any given time.

Legal practitioners who ensure that all statutory regulations, restrictions, policies and contractual agreements are strictly adhered to and respected at all times.

Business Developments executives whose mandate is to ensure the management and continuity of the business in entirety whilst ensuring a well-oiled mechanism at all times.

This group culminates into a dynamic and efficient team with a high level of excellence and output.

Hans Global Engineering
Oil & Gas | General Construction | Civil Works | Power Generation

We look forward to telling our story of excellence step by step, project by project and result by result with our dynamic and efficient team possessing a high level of excellence and output


Hans Global Engineering Ltd

Is a wholly Ghanaian owned Oil and Gas, Engineering, Construction and Civil Works Company established in the early part of 2017 and within its short period of inception, the company has rapidly carved a niche for itself in excellence and above par service delivery in main areas of expertise.

With strategic multinational partnerships formed between highly experienced technical partners in our various areas of service, we are poised to become the go-to Engineering firm in Ghana, West Africa and an eventual global force to be reckoned with.

Our Services

Oil & Gas
Road & Building Construction
Mechanical & Civil Engineering
Power Generation

Our diverse offering allows flexibility in our operations and confidence from our clients ability to deliver on our given mandate.

We are a turnkey provider of managed energy services for power generation to commercial customers in West Africa.

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The last thing you need is trouble in your industry. We consolidate your efforts and provide a turnkey service for you by tapping into our extensive Global network of expertise.